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Each puppy featured on this page is a testament to our commitment to responsible breeding practices, ensuring they embody the highest standards of health, temperament, and conformation. Our dedication extends beyond the moment of sale. When you choose a Lhasa Apso from Treatsntrix, you're not just acquiring a pet; you're becoming a part of our extended family. We offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new furry friend. From training tips to health advice, we are here to assist you in every step of your journey as a Lhasa Apso owner.

Churchdown, Gloucester

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The cuddly companion with a gentle nature and unwavering loyalty make her the perfect companion for anyone in need of a little extra love and comfort.


The playful explorer that brings joy to everyone he meets, making him a beloved member of the family.


The gentle guardian and perfect companion for quiet evenings by the fireplace or leisurely strolls through the park.


The charismatic entertainer with a personality as big as his fluffy coat. His outgoing nature and infectious enthusiasm make him a beloved companion who brings laughter and joy to every moment.

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Looking for the perfect name for your new furry friend? Let our random dog name generator inspire you with endless possibilities, making the naming process as fun as bringing home your new companion.
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Random Dog Name Generator

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Abi & Tommy
"We just brought home the sweetest pup from Treatsntrix, and our hearts are bursting with happiness! Teresa's vibe is just amazing – from our first chat to welcoming our little Sable home, her warmth and professionalism totally wowed us. Being new dog parents, she went all out to make sure things were super easy for us. Now, we have our new furry friend in Sable but also a lifelong friend in Teresa. She's there for us, day or night, with all the advice we need. Treatsntrix is more than just a breeder; it's like being part of a cozy, dog-loving family. Best decision ever!"