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Meet the Heart and Soul Behind Treatsntrix - Teresa Waight

Embark on a journey to discover the compassionate force driving Treatsntrix, as we introduce you to the founder, Teresa Waight. Once a jack of all trades, Theresa's life took a turn when she faced the challenges of fibromyalgia. Despite the hurdles, Theresa redirected her energy towards a profound passion - being 'Mother Teresa' to her beloved dogs and puppies.

With over two decades of experience in raising and breeding, Teresa is not just a breeder; she's a devoted and giving soul. Her journey with Lhasa Apsos began over 20 years ago, and since then, her life has been intertwined with these remarkable companions. Teresa's warmth and friendliness make you feel like you've known her for years, creating a welcoming environment for both her dogs and the extended Treatsntrix family.

Teresa's commitment to the well-being of her Lhasa Apsos is unparalleled, ensuring that each dog is not just a breeding subject but a cherished member of the family. As you explore Treatsntrix, you'll witness Teresa's dedication to the breed's excellence and her genuine love for these wonderful companions. Join us in celebrating Teresa, the heart and soul behind Treatsntrix, and experience the warmth and care she brings to every aspect of our breeding program.

Certification and courses passed

Smartchip Microchip Implant Course

Passed 24th Jan 2014 PIF

Dog Psychology

Passed 3rd Dec 2017 ODL QC ICO UKRLP Renassance 

Veterinary Support Assistant

Passed Feb 2018 ICOES

Care Of A Senior Pet

Passed Feb 2018 ICOES

Dog Socialization And Obedience Masterclass

Passed Apr 2018 ICOES

Careers With Animals

Passed March 2018 ICOES

Essential Cat And Kitten Care

Passed Feb 2018 ICOES

Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation

Passed March 2018 ICOES

Dog Grooming

Passed Jan 2012 My Distance Learning College

Veterinary Nursing

Passed 17th Apr 2018 Harley Oxford ICQAS CPD 

Meet the humans!

Introducing Our Dedicated Family at Treatsntrix

Get to know the heartwarming family behind the scenes at Treatsntrix as we invite you to meet the Family. Led by founder Theresa Waight, this tight-knit family are committed to the well-being of each Lhasa Apso in their care. From daily interactions to special moments, each member contributes a unique touch, creating an environment where passion, care, and love flourish, making Treatsntrix a true home for both its human and canine family members.


Meet Mark Waight, the devoted husband of Treatsntrix founder Teresa, who not only helps with washing and grooming our beloved dogs but goes above and beyond, even reading them bedtime stories.


Brandon, the son of Treatsntrix founder Teresa, along with his husband Ryan, lends their nearby support by actively contributing to the care and well-being of our beloved dogs.

Recent Testimonials

Abi & Tommy
"We just brought home the sweetest pup from Treatsntrix, and our hearts are bursting with happiness! Teresa's vibe is just amazing – from our first chat to welcoming our little Sable home, her warmth and professionalism totally wowed us. Being new dog parents, she went all out to make sure things were super easy for us. Now, we have our new furry friend in Sable but also a lifelong friend in Teresa. She's there for us, day or night, with all the advice we need. Treatsntrix is more than just a breeder; it's like being part of a cozy, dog-loving family. Best decision ever!"
"We went to pick up our puppy and we was given lots of useful information and offered support going forward highly recommend this breeder our puppy is amazing and already house trained We came away with a lovely selection of goodies for our little girl and the confidence that she came from a good home"
Becky & Dave
"We wanted a Lhasa Apso from this particular breeder since we got to know our friend's Lhasa Apso (Poppy) who also came from Teresa and Mark 8 years ago and whom we completely fell in love with. We picked up our little Sylvie last month and she is LOVELY. She is so loving, cuddly and adorable. She loves me and my husband equally, she is neither a mummy or daddy's girl - she is very fair with her love! Teresa and Mark have been wonderful - very approachable and easy to talk to, nothing is too much trouble. We came away with a huge stack of goodies - lead and collar, cute little puppy blanket, toys and treats, combs, even key rings - to name a few! Sylvie had all vaccinations, was micro-chipped and first month's wormer. All we had to do was take her home and fall in love! Thank you Teresa and Mark. From Becky and Dave."
"Went today to pick up Dotty. Teresa and Mark really provide a lot of information and support and genuinely care about the welfare of their puppies. We were provided with everything we needed to get Dotty settled into her new home and are able to call anytime with any questions we have. I cannot recommend them highly enough. It was lovely to meet all the family, including Dotty's grandmother and uncle. Five stars well deserved."
"Couldn’t have wished for anything better…

We picked up Warwick yesterday he is an absolute joy. Teresa and Mark are excellent with the animals and very knowledgeable. It was worth driving 2.5 hours each way to get our new baby. He came home with everything he needed. They were an absolute pleasure to meet. Thank you so much."

"Treatsnix are and were lovely. I was looking for a puppy to help my daughter and myself through a tough time. All checks were done by Treatsnix and the puppies are not realeased until ready unlike some breeders where they let them go at 8 weeks old. They also did follow up checks and made sure that we were happy as well as our new addition."
"Teresa and Mark are really welcoming and knowledgeable breeders. We bought holly and benji from them 17 years ago then bought Rex 6 years ago and Kiki 5 years ago. We have stayed in contact and become good friends."
"Teresa and Mark are fantastic breeders. They welcome you into their home at any time to see and interact with the puppies as they like them to socialise from a young age. They also introduce you to the adult dogs in the house. I got Darcey from them almost 16 years ago. She has been an absolute joy. I would definitely recommend Treatsntrix."